Note: Please consult with your Chiropractor prior to commencing these exercises

If you are suffering for soreness in your lower back and pelvis, there are certain movements you can do to try to alleviate your discomfort. On this page we provide a series of stretches and strengthening exercises recommended by our Chiro Nearby Me Chiropractic team, for our patients suffering from stiffness in their low back, pelvis in Melbourne.

Exercises for your lower back and pelvis are designed to also strengthen your abdominal muscles and stretch out the hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors that are known contributing factors. Over time, the following routine aims to improve your core strength and increase your range of movement.

When done in consultation with your Chiro Nearby Me Chiropractor appointments, stretches and exercise can aid in recovery and provide multiple benefits. For optimal results, we encourage our patients to follow their lower back and pelvis stretching and exercise program every day.  

If you have any further questions or would like our Chiro Nearby Me Chiropractors to develop a lower back and pelvis stretching and exercise program, please [Book Online] or call us on 1300 123 365 to make an appointment.

Low Back (Lumbar) Rotation

This is one of the most prescribed exercises for low back pain and stiffness. It is quite a simple exercise. Simply lie on your back with your knees up (feet on the floor) and gently rock your knees side to side. Keep both feet on the floor at all times

Seated Flexion Stretch

Ensure your legs are spread evenly apart and gently lean forward so you feel a GENTLE stretch in your upper and lower back. Tuck your chin in if you want to make a stronger stretch.

Seated Twist & Side-bend

Sit on a stable chair with your legs spread evenly apart. Sit tall and place the stick/bar horizontally across your upper back. There should be no more than a gentle stretch across the front of your shoulders. Rotate horizontally at a gentle and slow pace from side to side. Keep your spine tall while you do this movement.

Fit Ball Stretch

Gently lie on the ball with both feet firmly planted on the floor and then lean backwards.

Gluteal Stretch

Start by lying on the floor and gripping your knee with one hand and stretching your hip across your body. You can gently place your hip in different angles and feel a different stretch each time. The picture above an advanced variation of this gluteal stretch with a pulling of the knee and leg upwards towards the centre of the body before rotating across the body. The extended arm and shoulder must stay in contact with the ground.

Side-Bending (Resistance Band)

Secure the band under your foot and in the hand on the same side (arm by your side). Gently side-bend away feeling a contraction on the side of your body NOT holding the resistance band. Return slowly to the starting position and repeat. Perform this exercise on both sides of the body.


Lie on your back with your arms across your chest and your knees bent and the balls of your feet placed on the ground. Commence the sit up by contracting your abdominal muscles first (draw your belly button into your spine) and then lift your neck followed by your upper back/shoulders up to the line of your knees. Then slowly drop back down again.

Floor Flexion Stretch

Lie on the floor, bring your knees up and hold them with your hands. Gently pull your knees close to your chest (you should feel a stretch through your upper and lower back). You can gently lift your neck to increase the stretch.

Back Arch Stretch

Place your hands and knees on the floor as shown. Gently arch your back towards the ceiling, then back down towards the ground.

Hanging Back Extension & Side-Bending

Please perform the hanging exercise gently and ensure the place you are hanging from is stable and able to hold your weight. Always ensure your feet are touching the ground. Find a stable bar (an alternative is to use a doorway) and hang from your hands. Your toes should be pointed backwards or to the side and you should stretch with your hips gently pushing towards the wall.

Foam Roller Core Stabilisation

Your Chiropractor will go through the concepts of core stabilisation in consultation. These 2 exercises show the progression of core stabilisation exercises with the use of a foam roller. Note: a foam roller is not essential, you just need a firm object between your knees to lightly squeeze against. (1) Hands by your side: Activate your core then raise both legs and hold for 30 seconds and then place it back down. Progress to 1-2 minutes then commence the next exercise. (2) Hands above your head: Activate your core then raise both legs and hold for 30 seconds and then place it back down. Progress to 1-2 minutes.

Clam (Gluteal Strengthening)

Lie on your side with your knees bent (ankles together).Place your top hand on your gluteal area (as shown). Slowly bring your top leg up (knees coming away from each other) and feel for activation of your gluteal muscles. Make sure your heels stay in contact with each other during the entire movement. Hold a contraction for 5 – 15 seconds and then slowly drop your knee down..

Floor Back Stretch

Lie down flat on the floor and gently stretch your back by pushing your hands up and away and pointing your toes down and away.

Psoas Stretch

Place one knee on the ground and the other knee flexed to 90 degrees. Keep your body upright with your shoulders in line with your hips. Gently lean forward whilst keeping you head up. Repeat with legs reversed.

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